Friday, July 29, 2016

Power House - Don't Sleep On Us (1987)

             Very Rare 80's RnB/Dance/Hip Hop Pressing out of Jamaica, Queens NY.
                                       Turned out Local hits {of the time} such as;
                          "No More Sweet Love" "Irresistible" "U.R. My Lover"
                            surprisingly, a few cuts had success in South America..
                                    not much info on the net about these guys,
                                       but luckily, i attained 'first-hand insight'....
                    Lead Vocalist, Clay Washington {"Irresistible; U.R. my Lover"} Recalls;

  " These guys, Rob and Reggie (twins) had this idea to do a compilation album to promote the artists that they signed.
     I just thought I'd have one song on it,
{Irresistible} but they ended up with extra room, so we put "U R My Lover" on it.
      I was told it was a compilation,. but when they were finished with the album and photos, they made it look like we all were a group!
      And the funniest thing was, the Twins were on the album cover as if 'They' were the musicians! ..That was so strange to me..
      All in all, it was an Interesting Experience...My First View into the world of recording...I learned a lot..."

                               Note: Due to the Fact that all i can get my hands on                                                                                  was the Original Cassette,
                                      the sonic of the transfer bears the infamous;                                                                                    'Tape Hiss' that we all

                                                       More Detailed info: