Friday, June 1, 2018

Voltage Brothers - Throw Down (1978)

                                Funk/Dance Group out of Rochester NY {i believe..}
                                                       Good Late 70's Funk,
                                              but i can't help giving an opinion,
                                that the Disco-ish tunes on this LP (while very enjoyable,)                                                                      were sounding a little 'Dated' by then,..
                                                  ..Even by '1978' Standards...
                                     {i.e.; .. the "Philly Soul Sound"  Went 'Out'  after 1976..}                                                                                                   

Matrix - IX (1977)

                              Horn Based 70's Jazz Fusion group out of Wisconsin
                                            This Release is Actually a Reissue
                                                 of their 1st LP from a year earlier,
                                            on Independent Label; Ultra Nova ...
                                                when they got signed to RCA
                                         More Info & Discography on this Group


WNOK 105 - Columbia, SC.
May 7, 1983

                     Here's a Treat for all of you Columbia South Carolina Residents,
                                                  ..who are more likely in the 45-55 y.o. Range for this...

          I found Old Dirty Cruddy 8 Track Tapes at the bottom of a Box at a Junk Store..
       and one of them, was this homemade recording from someone (in Col. SC obviously..)
                        taping snippets off of  105 WNOK Top40 Radio  back then...
               i won't get into what i had to do to make this playable after all these years,
                                    but i fixed the damn thing so i can transfer it.
                                           {you can see the actual transfer in progress a few posts ago,...
                                                             ...i know, like anyone gives a
                                 ... surprising  that someone was still messing with '8track tapes' in "1983"}

                                 It becomes Very Apparent early in the broadcast
                                       that it was taped off of the radio in 1983...
                                            and towards the end, the actual date
                          is indirectly revealed in a "Jewelry Warehouse" commercial....

 {also,..if someone can find me the 'old 105 WNOK logo' from the Early 80's, let me know in the comment section...thx}
                                            Note : Dare i mention the Obvious,..
                          though i did my best during the Transfer & Digital Clean-up,
                              This Recording by its Nature,  is Less than 2nd rate,
                                       Excerpts, Abrupt Stops between Songs,
                                          ...& Tape Hiss!


Impact - The Pac Is Back (1977)

                                                  This LP Begs the Question;
                                                         Which Came First,..
                                                 Emotions - Best Of My Love?
                                                         ...or This Album?...


Hey Hey !, ...
Back with More ! ... lol

                             directly above, you'll notice a pic of the state of the art,
                                  high tech transferring process  in my Laboratory...

                                                      LOL... Ok, On with the Show...

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Jeff Wayne Space Shuttle
theme from "Star Trek"
& "Planet of the Apes" {Apes' Shuffle}


                           at first glance, this looks like another mid-70's kiddy LP..
                           ..not really...
                           This LP is a Bizzare Hodgepodge/Mish-Mosh of
                           60's Surf / Groovy-Jazzy-Funky-Lounge {a'la spacey-synthesizer} /
                           & 2 - 60's TV Show themes {just Bizarrely  thrown on there..}
                           Listening to this whole album,
                           one could surmise, that this 'jeff wayne' dude, was a musician
                           that wanted to Cash-In on the geeky Sci-Fi craze of the time,
                           so he pressed to vinyl whatever was on his Revox tape machine
                           from the previous 10 years,
                           and threw that 'barely-correlated' theme on the cover...
                                {In Actuality,..this Album really has NOTHING to do with "Planet of the Apes".. lol..}                                                               

Monday, August 7, 2017

The Whispers (1970)
{Original 'Soul Clock' Pressing}

                                               The Whispers (actual) 1st LP...
                                                Recorded around Late 1969..

                                  This is NOT the '1973 Planets Of Life' Reissue,..
                                         that is so common in their discography,
                                         that everyone thought that 'Planets of..'
                                      was an original release of 'all new material',..
                           & that their 1972 LP; "Love Story".. was their '1st' album.."
                                             this is the Actual Rare 1st Pressing
                                                       {that goes for $30-$90, depending on the condition}
                                        on the Soul Clock Label released in 1970...