Thursday, August 10, 2017

Jeff Wayne Space Shuttle
theme from "Star Trek"
& "Planet of the Apes" {Apes' Shuffle}


                           at first glance, this looks like another mid-70's kiddy LP..
                           ..not really...
                           This LP is a Bizzare Hodgepodge/Mish-Mosh of
                           60's Surf / Groovy-Jazzy-Funky-Lounge {a'la spacey-synthesizer} /
                           & 2 - 60's TV Show themes {just Bizarrely  thrown on there..}
                           Listening to this whole album,
                           one could surmise, that this 'jeff wayne' dude, was a musician
                           that wanted to Cash-In on the geeky Sci-Fi craze of the time,
                           so he pressed to vinyl whatever was on his Revox tape machine
                           from the previous 10 years,
                           and threw that 'barely-correlated' theme on the cover...
                                {In Actuality,..this Album really has NOTHING to do with "Planet of the Apes".. lol..}                                                               

Monday, August 7, 2017

The Whispers (1970)
{Original 'Soul Clock' Pressing}

                                               The Whispers (actual) 1st LP...
                                                Recorded around Late 1969..

 This is NOT the '1973 Planets Of Life' Reissue..that is so common in their discography,
                                         that everyone thought that 'Planets of..'
                                      was an original release of 'all new material',..
                           & that their 1972 LP; "Love Story".. was their '1st' album.."
                                             this is the Actual Rare 1st Pressing
                                                       {that goes for $30-$90, depending on the condition}
                                        on the Soul Clock Label released in 1970...


New Birth - I'm Back (1982)

                                                 {a very apropos choice, for my 1st upload in a}
                       not gonna get into the the longwinded history of this Group,...
                       but as Implied by the LP title,
                       This last effort by them is their so-called "Comeback" album,
                       even though it had been only a few years since releasing one..
                      ...although they were probably referring to the regrouping
                       of the original band lineup they had 10 years previous...
                       This is a good LP, with cool 'synthfunk dujour' jams...
                        However, by the time they released this LP in late 1982,
   the "Horn-Section blasting, 4-on-the-floor, Post-DiscoFunk"  approach/production,
              was sounding very 'Dated' by then...thus, that may have contributed to the
              'less than lukewarm' reaction to this release, and it didn't do much...
              but no doubt a cool last ditch effort by a great funky soul group of the 70's...


Thursday, August 3, 2017

Yup,..'s been Another Looooooong Void....

      Yeah, i know,..i haven't posted anything in over a year...sorry..
      ..mainly due to Work, and my Turntable is in another room...

      But More Factors are in play,...

      Alot of LP's in my collection that i considered 'on the rare side'
      were not available on CD, or in a blog 6 years ago, {when this Blog started}
      but are now 'possibly' released on CD {somewhere in the world..}
      & also all over the web nowadays in RAR form from other people,..did i forget to mention iTunes??}
      ...and adding to that,..
      MANY LP Blogs on the Web are turning 10 years old,
      most of the original bloggers {from 2007 & 2008} who posted their LP collections,
      are either Stagnant, {i'm one to talk, right?}  Defunct,
      &/or their file hosting server has gone down many moons ago...
      signalling that doing this  is passe', under attack, or a combination of both & more...

      Thus, i want to keep {as best i can}
      to my original promise
      of not posting a recording that is available on CD,
      or available on other Blogs..
      as many records as i have..(& i have alot)'s getting harder & harder to do that with my collection...

      ..and that's a good thing,.. if you think about it...

      Nevertheless, i had some time off,..
      and i schlepped the PC into the other room,
      and ran off a few LP's,   that i think would 'adhere to the standards of this Blog'...

                                                           Stay Tuned...

Friday, July 29, 2016

Power House - Don't Sleep On Us (1987)

             Very Rare 80's RnB/Dance/Hip Hop Pressing out of Jamaica, Queens NY.
                                       Turned out Local hits {of the time} such as;
                          "Don't Sleep On Us" "Irresistible" "U.R. My Lover"
                                  surprisingly, a few cuts had success overseas..
                                    not much info on the net about these guys,
                                       but luckily, i attained 'first-hand insight'....
                    Lead Vocalist, Clay Washington {"Irresistible; U.R. my Lover"} Recalls;

  " These guys, Rob and Reggie (twins) had this idea to do a compilation album to promote the artists that they signed.
     I just thought I'd have one song on it,
{Irresistible} but they ended up with extra room, so we put "U R My Lover" on it.
      I was told it was a compilation,. but when they were finished with the album and photos, they made it look like we all were a group!
      And the funniest thing was, the Twins were on the album cover as if 'They' were the musicians! ..That was so strange to me..
      All in all, it was an Interesting Experience...My First View into the world of  recording...I learned a lot..."

                               Note: Due to the Fact that all i can get my hands on                                                                                  was the Original Cassette,
                                      the sonic of the transfer bears the infamous;                                                                                    'Tape Hiss' that we all

                                                       More Detailed info:


Thursday, June 9, 2016

Black Dick For President (1971)

                                                          {where in the hell do i start with this}
                             There is not much info on the net about this Album set
 ...and what there is, much of it is i did some research... (why?, i don't know..)
                            Recorded Sometime in 1970, & Released in Early 1971,
                        This 3 Record set was not only treated as very 'Underground',..
         it was probably only taken out at 'Late Night Parties' after the kiddies went to bed
                (probably more prevalent in the Black Community at that time, due to the Strong Political Content...)
                                          The Main mean,...'Gist'  is..
the "Underrated Superior Black Man's Penis in 'White Controlled Society' pre 1971....


                                                                                 ... yup.... lol...

                                             Not only was this really Raunchy,..
                                    it was quite shocking & out-there for the time.
                    {...and Quite Pricey for the time, at $7.95 in 1971...about the equivalent of $50 today..}
        Albeit Comedy,..This recording exudes "Heavy Overt Politically Biased Rhetoric'
                                                                  (^..the best way i can "formally" describe
                             Today, Filthy Comedy & Political Rhetoric such as This,
                                        is nothing that shocking... unfortunately...

                           , get ready for 1 hour and 46 minutes
                                   of some Racist Black Guy Cursing & Ranting
                                     about how Wonderful, Magical & Superior,
                                       the Black Man's Penis is for the Universe...



Thursday, May 12, 2016

Law {GA10017} (1975)

                                               Their 1st of 3 LP's from the 70's
                                                             {2nd lp from 1977 {breakin' it} is more Funky,
                                      ..3rd lp from 1978 is noticeably "Commercially Infected" at that}
                   but this one  being a little more 'grounded' in 'Straight-Ahead' Rock
                                      GA10017 also being the actual LP catalog #...
                                                   {hmm... now i see where 'Yes' stole that idea}
                     i'm guessing that the 'unspoken pzazz' of this band, {at the time,}
                                       was that it was an "Interracial Rock Group"
                              which did occur previously, {Sly, Black Merda, Creation, etc.}
                                        but yet still fairly uncommon for the time,
                                         giving the group  the "Soul Rock" label...
                       in reality, it's just Really Good Straight-Ahead (slightly funky) Rock....