Tuesday, April 16, 2019

The End

Hello !! .. to All who Know About, or may Stumble across this Blog..

Today is April 16th, 2019..

& I've had this Blog running  for almost 8 years now...
and...oh, i dunno,..
as much as I have been Grateful for these LP Blogs
that opened up a world of exposure to Rare Records over the years,
it seems that doing it "this way",  is a totally passe'/dead  internet "fad" if you will,
and doing it this way  is Soooooo '10 years ago'...lol..
due mostly to the emergence of  i.e; iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, etc,..
but not to forget  YouTube
and their recent allowance of MUCH longer duration time (and then some)
to be on a Single Uploaded Video..

So,..with a Heavy Heart,... < {i'm Lying, i could give a shit!..lol}
this will be the EotL for this Blog  < at least as a "DL site"  that is,..

note; I WON'T take this blog down, NOR will i remove the DL links...
{i.e;. if This Blog / the DL links  go dead, blame Blogger / Mediafire,..Not Me..lol)
id actually like to keep this blog up  as a 'side conversation' < {whatever that means..}
but any more 'main additions'  will be moved to a Streaming YT Channel..

..this Link Directly Below is My 'Main' YT Channel,
& a " Sister Channel "  to it,  beneath that..
which is Focused more towards;
Strange/Odd/Weird/Bizarre/Obscure Records & Recordings..

     For the Love of Good Music

So  if you've enjoyed what i have shared over the years,
feel totally free to let me know in a comment,
and what i could do to make my YT channel(s) more appealing...

A Big Thank You to All who have Appreciated My Taste in Music !

See You on Zoo...
uh,..i mean; You Tube!



  1. Hi Hallowicious,
    I'm sorry, but, how I understand you .....
    I signed up for your YouTube channels